• Summit Against Racism – 9 annual summits have engaged over 2250 people and a very diverse range of community, religious, civil rights, labor, peace and other organizations in dialogue, education and mobilization of the community in support of racial justice and reconciliation
  • Leadership role in successful Campaign for the Pittsburgh Citizens Police Review Board and other efforts to make City and County police and justice system accountable for incidents of police brutality and misconduct
  • Mural Project – award-winning, 5 year project directed by George Hogan involving 75 youth and 25 adults from diverse backgrounds and schools and organizations in creating murals depicting themes of racial justice and reconciliation. The 10 portable murals were shown in 11 locations and used as backdrop to community dialogues on race relations
  • Publicity and Planning Support for Development and Previewing of “Enough is ENOUGH: the Death of Jonny Gammage”, produced by local filmmaker, Billy Jackson
  • Jonny Gammage Memorial Scholarship - $11,000 in scholarship funds raised and granted to seven local students who have demonstrated a commitment to racial justice to support their attending law school. The scholarship recipients are awarded by the Pittsburgh NAACP at its annual Human Rights Dinner.

The Black and White Reunion’s annual Summit Against Racism, Mural Project, and other community activities have consistently brought together a diverse gathering of individuals and groups, reaching across the full range of race, economic class, age, gender, faith and beliefs.   This has helped to create new and stronger relationships, both personal and working, among the various people of different backgrounds who are engaged in civic action, particularly among those efforts which seek to overcome racism in the region.