Welcome to The Black & White Reunion Website.   The annual Pittsburgh Summit Against Racism, which takes place the Saturday after the Martin Luther King holiday weekend, culminates the region’s celebration of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King.   The Summit is an opportunity for all of us to recommit ourselves to the struggle for civil rights, economic justice and peace for which he and many others have given their lives.   Proceeds to benefit the Jonny Gammage Scholarship Fund and ongoing activities of the Black and White Reunion.

Jonny Gammage Memorial Scholarship donations

You can make a financial contribution directly to the Jonny Gammage Memorial Scholarship which is administered for the Black & White Reunion through NEED (it stands for Negro Education Emergency Drive).   NEED adds a 50% match to your donation, making every dollar you give equal to $1.50.   By mailing your contribution directly to NEED, you avoid any extra administrative fees being taken out.

Make your check or money order payable to "NEED" and put "Gammage Scholarship" in the memo line so they know which scholarship receives it.   Then mail it to:

Warner Centre
332 Fifth Avenue, 1st Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

After you're done, we would appreciate your letting us know by using our contact form -- otherwise we'll have to wait for a final accounting to find out.   Thank you for your giving and patience.

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